Writers Block and Taking Notes from Superman

It’s been over two months since I’ve written anything of substance. The only form of writing I’ve done as of late is texting my best friend to ask her when she would be returning home to give me attention. Just like Justin Bieber, I’m a shell of my former self. I even had to google the word ‘Bieber’ to check I’d spelt it correctly, which might actually be an indication that I’ve not lost the plot quite yet. Like bingo calling or riding a bike, it’s been so long since I’ve done it, I can barely remember how.

On multiple occasions I’ve torn myself away from my beloved Gilmore Girls boxset and bag of doritos to try and document my thought processes and interesting events that have happened to me in recent weeks. I sit at my laptop, fingers poised to write something quirky and relatable with just the faintest hint of indignation when I have the terrible realisation that I have nothing interesting to write about: fascinating tales about spending a Saturday morning with toothpaste in my eye isn’t going to make J.K Rowling start quaking in her boots.

As the self-indulgent fear of leading a mundane life, which can’t be documented in a humorous tone over the internet clouds any desire to blog, I’ve decided to make a change in my life. I’m going to become a better person so that karma helps me win the lottery and attend yacht parties with Taylor Swift. Also, doing good deeds is rewarding, as there’s no greater pleasure in life than being able to help other people, obviously.

First port of call: giving up my seat on public transport. Not to worry, I’m not a complete monster, I already make sure that no elderly people are left clutching their walking stick whilst I stare at the floor and ignore any pangs of guilt. Rather, I plan to broaden my horizons and become the Florence Nightingale of public transport, ready to give up my seat at a moments notice to anyone in need! Not only do I burn extra calories per minute but I also gain a full view of any attractive men on the train that I might accidentally bump into whilst struggling with my tights and cape. Everyone’s a winner!

For now though, I’m so exhausted from all of the thinking about becoming a more fully-functioning human I’ve been doing, that I simply must put myself to bed with a cup of tea and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s good to be back!


12 responses to “Writers Block and Taking Notes from Superman

  1. It’s good to see you back, I was thinking recently I hadn’t seen much from you lately. Good luck with your good deeds quest!


  2. I’ve missed you. Please don’t go away again… 🙂


  3. deepbluesandseafoamgreens

    Helloooo 😀 !!!


  4. I’m also exhausted from having to sit around pretending to work all day. Thanks for thinking of something quirky so JK doesn’t feel so superior to us.


  5. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Gilmore Girls, but man that was a great show. I just spelled show ‘show’ so my brain is also not working properly.

    Aw, good deeds are always very rewarding but it can often be frustrating when you realise not everyone is as thoughtful and considerate. Still, that’s not a reason to be selfish, is it?

    Glad to see you have returned!


    • I’m always jealous of how quick witted they are, of course if I had a team of writers scripting my daily conversation I might stand a chance. So great to binge watch!

      Very true, I’m going to try and give blood soon as well so that’ll be a good one to add to the list! I like to believe that all people are good at the core, some people just need an extra push in the right direction – I know that’s incredibly naive but I’ve had 5 cups of coffee today so I’m feeling very optimistic.

      Thank you, glad to be back!


      • They were like the “teenagers” on Dawson’s Creek- frighteningly articulate.

        Giving blood is a great deed, I can’t give it anymore but it’s one good thing I used to do. It could actually make a big difference to someone’s life so go you!

        Without coffee I would be in a coma of some sort, so I know the feeling!


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