Re-joining Twitter and Never Getting Over Myself

I write about my adoration for Twitter on a regular basis, but rarely post anything on my personal account for fear of people judging me, particularly those I know. I find it much easier to write freely and honestly when I’m talking to strangers on the internet, which is why I was reluctant to tell any of my friends about my blog when I first started dabbling in writing.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create a blog specific twitter account – where I can follow my fellow bloggers so I don’t miss their posts and can share my writing further than WordPress! I should probably get over myself before everyone else tells me to, but will continue to self-promote for just a little while longer.

To cut a rather dull story short, please share your twitter handles with me so I can get following! I’ll try my best to be funny and charming but don’t hold me to that. You can find me on ‘tisfortea_‘ if you have nothing better to do and fancy making one more terrible decision today.


9 responses to “Re-joining Twitter and Never Getting Over Myself

  1. Just signed up to be your Twitter friend because blog friends are way better than real ones.


  2. And haven’t we been making excellent use of this new Twitter account this evening? 🙂


  3. I’m game. I’m also new-ish to blogging and twitter, although that account’s been there since 2009, just starting using it. I have been trying very hard to get over myself over the past year, and just put it all out there. Blog friends are the tops.


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