“Oh, The Football’s On?”

From hockey to volleyball, I have flashbacks of humiliation in the school gym as I’m reminded for the 6th time that I need to “hit the damn ball,” and my classmates express their distaste towards me as they’re forced to have me as a member of their team. These experiences have left me feeling  generally apathetic about sport: I don’t care to play and I only bother watching to give the impression that I’m patriotic enough to drape an England flag outside my house.

The recent growth of sport on television has therefore left a slightly sour taste in my mouth, as the World Cup and Wimbledon interrupt regularly scheduled programming. This phenomenon has also has spread to to my twitter timeline with hoards of people either discussing sport or their revulsion towards it. What happened to everyone going stir crazy over Game of Thrones and Justin Bieber? Personally, I can’t wait until October to hear complaints about the weather and shops playing festive music when “it isn’t even bloody Christmas!”

I’m no longer at high school, but I’m still sat on the sidelines wishing we were playing something else. Scrabble anyone?


12 responses to ““Oh, The Football’s On?”

  1. I’ll play scrabble with you. But only after the World Cup has finished.


  2. Noo, World Cup all the way! 😛


  3. I would love to play Scrabble with you! 🙂


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