Ranting About Ranting

I love to rant, it’s one of my favourite activities along with waking up before my alarm and drinking coffee in the bath. I don’t expect a resolution to my problem and I don’t need pity or advice, the only thing I need to get my kicks is five minutes of unadulterated, ranting pleasure. Just five minutes to verbally spout everything that’s on my mind to the poor, unsuspecting person in front of me.

Unfortunately, there are some people that don’t seem to understand the positive power of a good rant and seem determined to ruin my fun: the guilt trippers. There’s nothing I find more frustrating than being mid-rant about work or money problems, when someone tries to tell me “I’d rather have your problems than mine” or “I’ll swap with you anytime.”

I’m aware that most of my problems are minute in the grand scheme of things, but I still reserve the right to complain about life every now and again when things aren’t going my way and I don’t believe I should be made to feel guilty about that. There are people in the world with issues far greater than mine, but pointing that out to me won’t make my problems disappear, so how about letting me complain for five minutes whilst you think about the sandwich you’re going to get for lunch?

Rant over. Now I know how Taylor Swift must have been feeling when Kanye cut her off mid-speech to tell the world that Beyonce deserved the VMA more: pissed off.


7 responses to “Ranting About Ranting

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens

    I must admit, I do feel guilty sometimes, but eh, bite me. WHEN ITS IN YO SYSTEM, YOU GOTTA GET IT OUTTA THERE!!! 😀


  2. I prefer a good old grumble, ranting always seems far too energetic a proposition. Saying that, a good old fashioned tantrum doesn’t go amiss from time to time.


  3. Oh I hear ya sister!

    I remember I once had an epileptic seizure at work and a colleague actually said “my sister had cancer, at least you don’t have that”.

    Gee, thanks, when I get up off the floor and treat the inevitable concussion I have I’ll make sure to count my blessings.

    We all feel miserable now and then and that’s okay. Our problems may seem insignificant and minute to others but to us they are very real and challenging.

    Good rant about ranting!


    • I’m so glad you agree!

      How dare your colleague say that to you – I’m outraged for you!

      It’s so true – I would never say something like that to someone to make them feel guilty about having problems, so I don’t expect people to do it to me! Life is full of challenges for everyone, no matter how big or small, and each persons struggle is exactly that to them – a struggle! Whether it be an argument with a significant other or something like Cancer.


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