Climbing Mount Snowdon and Joining the Dark Side

First of all I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been having a bit of an internet vacation which is why I haven’t been very present! Actually, that’s a lie; I’ve spent the last two weeks binge-watching Australia’s Next Top Model which has left little time for anything but intense self-loathing, and doing squats in my bedroom whilst desperately hoping I’ll one day grow 7 inches and lose 7lbs.

I might never be Cara Delevigne, but I recently did some physical activity which involved more than walking to the fridge to fetch my bottle of wine: I climbed Mount Snowdon! For anyone that isn’t familiar, it’s the highest mountain in Wales at over 1000m above sea level. Yes I did Google that: I might be able to walk up it but I sure as hell don’t remember the geography.



As you can tell from the above picture of me looking like the Michelin Man, it’s been a while since I did any form of intense physical activity, and managing to get to the top of Snowdon without collapsing has given me the incentive to channel my inner Gwyneth Paltrow. Whilst changing my diet and exercise routine in a positive way, I must confess that I’ve also spent the last couple of weeks obsessively stalking girls with great abs on Pinterest, and it’s becoming a problem.

I haven’t lost all touch with reality just yet – I might eat healthily and exercise but am fully aware that I’ll never be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. However, I have started to realise that I’m slowly transitioning into one of those women that talk about their healthy eating regime as if it were the release of a new Harry Potter book. Not only do I use the words kale and quinoa in sentences without being ironic, but I’ve found myself enjoying them! The next thing you know I’ll be tweeting about drinking green tea and going to the gym instead of going for cocktails on a Saturday night.


Don’t worry though, I over-indulged in kettle chips and Prosecco at the weekend, so I haven’t joined Anakin at the dark side just yet!


10 responses to “Climbing Mount Snowdon and Joining the Dark Side

  1. Awesome! My brother’s have done the climb but I missed out sadly.


  2. Looks like an amazing climb. Good on you for getting motivated to get healthier, but remember you are gorgeous the way you are now!


  3. So does this mean I’m
    Going to get amazing clean eating recipes from you?!?


  4. I went to Snowdon with brother back in the 80’s. When we opened the tent flaps in the morning we couldn’t see the mountain because of the fog and the path was obscured by a thick layer of snow. We went and had a fry up instead, then drove back home.


    • Haha! It was pretty foggy and really windy on the day that we went, but luckily we missed the snow! A fry up definitely sounds like the best option, and I’m incredibly jealous because we left our food in the car!


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