The “I Hope You’re Well” Conundrum

“I hope you’re well!”

This is my favourite way to start an email at work which I know isn’t going to be well received. I use it on a regular basis alongside the ever-popular “have a great weekend!” It says ‘I’m friendly and care how you are – please don’t tell my boss about this.’ If I like the person I’m sending the email to, I might even add a smiley face at the end for emphasis.

Whilst it has its place in the office as a way to ease the blow of bad news, I can’t help but feel a little disheartened that some of my friends have started mentioning how well they hope I am in their text messages to me. It’s the equivalent of commenting on a bloggers “great post” – you want to let the person know that you’re thinking of them but don’t care enough to ask.

Consequently, I find great difficulty in responding to someone who tells me that they hope life’s treating me well. No questions have been posed, so I can’t give them updates on what I had for dinner or rant about the price of public transport.“I hope you’re well” adds a full stop to any further conversation you planned to have with the person in question – they’re dumping you over text without hope of a second date.

The next time someone tries it I think I’ll say “actually I have genital herpes” to see if they feel as awkward as me – that’ll teach ‘em!


4 responses to “The “I Hope You’re Well” Conundrum

  1. I sometimes find emoticons like smiley faces are a way of softening the blow, the technology version of, ‘don’t take this the wrong way but…….’ Definitely try the herpes line….. I’d love to hear what people say back to that.


    • Exactly! For example – “it’s okay” is very different from “it’s okay :)” It’s all about the emoticons, as long as you’re wary of the wink face!

      When I use it I shall let you know the results!


  2. Ha! I love the herpes idea… I might just try that the next time someone says that to me 😉


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