Customer Serviced

As someone who can’t even watch a heated argument on television without hiding my face in my hands, complaining about bad service is my worst nightmare. I’ve never taken my food back in a restaurant and I if I accidentally forget to say “please” whilst asking Mary at Starbucks for a coffee, I feel guilty for days. So naturally, the discovery that Amazon had taken money out of my account for something I hadn’t ordered was less than ideal.

As I spent an hour on the phone, having to recant my email address to at least 5 different Amazon employees, something strange happened. I don’t know if it was the incredulous Dylan who seemed shocked that money had been taken from me when he couldn’t even find an account for an ‘’ or the fact that I had to repeat this story to at least 5 different people just as delightful as him, but I got angry. For the first time ever, I took pleasure in complaining.

Our discussion went a little something like this:-

“I understand that working on a Saturday is less than peachy considering half of your friends are tweeting about drinking sangria at the beach, but please, please – and this is to all customer service representatives – please at least pretend to care about my problems. I know that £60 of my money means bugger all to you considering you get paid minimum wage and work in a call centre, but every time you tell me that you can’t see any money has been taken from my account, a piece of my soul dies.”

In the end I got a full refund and a sense of accomplishment in knowing that the gentleman who told me he’d help me as a “gesture of good will” still had another 6 hours left of his shift. Being bad never felt so good.


9 responses to “Customer Serviced

  1. I am a lot like you, confrontation scares the hell out of me, and just the thought of having to make a complaint makes my heart race, good on you for standing up for yourself.


  2. Good for you. I too am one to shy away from any sort of confrontation and whenever I call anyone to complain, it sounds like I’m apologising to them.

    Now I initially saw the Amazon reference and thought that it was my book you were referring to! But even I wouldn’t pay £60 for that piece of crap.


  3. Thanks!

    Haaha! Well I’m sure I wouldn’t be complaining if they’d accidentally charged me £60 for your book 😉

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  4. I did tell you that you can be nice and be an ass at the same time. #WisewordsofSeb #EveryoneshouldlistentoSebmore #Hashtag


  5. Way to go, girlfriend! Show those customer service people some attitude! (coming from a customer service person 🙂


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