Money, Money, Money

It’s a week before payday so naturally I’ve Googled ‘how to make easy money’ four times over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, as I scan my cupboards for anything other than paprika or pickled onions I’ve come to realise that my only hope is winning the lottery or selling my organs on the black market.

As I’m incredibly bitter and love nothing more than complaining about those who are better off than me, hearing that someone I know spent £67, 000 on wallpapering their house today was a crushing blow – I don’t even have £67 to last me the rest of this week. I can’t help but think that I’m going wrong somewhere if I struggle to justify spending more than a tenner on my weekly shop when certain people can splash so much cash on home décor.

It got me thinking about how I should spend my last £13 – the last supper. The money-conscious side of me would usually spend a couple of pounds on bread and the rest on wine, but perhaps I’ve been doing this all wrong. In a normal week I’ll usually purchase shampoo and deodorant, whereas Kim Kardashian has a 24/7 beauty squad to tend to her every need for a cool $250K. Perhaps I’ll spend the last of my cash on a cute top or half a pair of shoes – who needs food and running water when you have wallpaper and a fabulous butt?


27 responses to “Money, Money, Money

  1. Let me give you the American perspective on this post:
    1. I have never heard of pickled onions before. That doesn’t sound like something you should be eating.
    2. Wallpaper is out of style over here, but even when it was, I don’t know that anyone ever created any kind of paper that is worth that much.
    3. Outside of the realm of extraordinary luck or wise investments (which are best made by people that are already rich), there is no such thing as easy money.
    4. Down here, the big money lottery drawings are 5 digits (I think each number is like 0-55) and then a sixth Power Ball number (also 0-55 I think). The math on your odds is something along the lines of 55x54x53x52x51x50= put the answer underneath a 1 and you have your chances of winning.
    5. We also have scratch off cards down here. One desperate day in college, I figured up how much money I would have to spend to break even on $1 scratch offs (they pay a lot of different size prizes, ranging from $1 sometimes up to $10,000). I think I figured out that you could win enough of the medium prizes to make like a $200 profit if you were lucky and willing to shell out $1000 for these stupid little scratch cards.
    Like I said, no easy money (unless you are willing to break some rules but that comes with it’s own set of risks and headaches)!


    • Pickled onions are delicious! It’s basically onions with vinegar but I highly recommend them – especially with cheese!

      That sounds exhausting, I too buy the occasional scratch card but never win anything! You’re probably right – I think hard work, opportunity and a little luck is the only way to make the cold, hard cash!


  2. Being wealthy enough to spend 64k on wallpaper sounds absolutely exhausting. Figuring out how to spend that much money would be a full time job.


  3. When I’m poor, I buy jam because you can have *Bubba from Forest Gump voice*
    Jam sandwiches, jam on toast, jam crackers and if you’re into crazy sexual exploits, it can make for a very messy addition to bedroom antics.


  4. How much on wallpaper?? Bloody hell. But, are they happy? Who am I kidding they probably are!


    • Haha, money might not be able to buy happiness but wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry whether you can pay your bills and instead focus on things such as expensive wallpaper?!


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