Breaking news: I broke my laptop. Well actually, I’m still sort of in denial about that and refuse to think my best friend died a sudden, horrific death at my hands – on top of losing my iPhone last month I think all signs are pointing towards avoiding technology for good. I’d be much more comfortable sat next to Hermione at Hogwarts with a quill and scroll of parchment. In any case, having no laptop has led to a severe lack of blogging lately. As hearts break across the nation I can only apologise for not being able to share my embarrassing life stories with the internet on a regular basis. To catch you up – I’ve worn the same dress three times in the last week and twice I accidentally wore it back to front so I’m still single and incredibly stupid. 

Usually a weekend alone consists of my OC box-set and a glass of wine but today I decided to do a Clarence Worley and visit the cinema by myself. I’m not sure what’s more depressing – the fact that I had no-one to go with or that I considered it socially abnormal for so many years: once I’d talked myself into believing that the large groups of teenagers throwing popcorn didn’t mean to hit the skulking loner in the corner I found it to be an incredibly liberating experience!

Not only did I have three seats to myself but there was no pressure to impress a date by choosing a casual yet attractive cinema-appropriate outfit. No-one around to force me into seeing Channing Tatum in a sappy, predictable, Nicholas Sparks adaptation or the third installment in a film series that wasn’t even that great the first time around. I’ve never felt more empowered or independent, in fact I’m going to carry on in that vein tonight and make myself some margaritas: three cheers to solitude! 


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  1. missed you 🙂


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