I get so emotional baby!

Hi, my name’s Helen and I’m an emotionally needy, nervous wreck.

As someone who hates talking to more than 5 people a day I consider myself as a Wednesday Addams/Jennifer Lawrence hybrid: adorable with a snarky, evasive edge. After many an evening spent crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s repairing my broken heart in my teenage years I vowed to toughen up and make myself less emotionally available. Since then I’ve taken pride in my ability to blow off social events in favour of a glass of wine and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and I’ve been called out on not replying to text messages more times than I can count. 

However, in recent months I’ve found myself reverting back to various behaviours I used to exhibit as a naive, eighteen year old who wore my heart on my sleeve. I’ve lost all ability to hide my real feelings underneath a mask of contempt and it’s killing me. The emotionally cold, sarcastic bitch has been replaced with a notebook-loving sap who overuses emoticons and sends multiple messages to people despite receiving no reply. 

As much as I’ve tried to deny it, I’ll always love the Backstreet Boys and I’ll always wear my heart on my sleeve. My name’s Helen and I’m an emotionally needy, nervous wreck – pleased to meet you!


12 responses to “I get so emotional baby!

  1. Backstreet Boys, yesss! I actually went to one of their concerts with New Kids on the Block a few years ago. Ok, reign it in Jane, be cool.


  2. Backstreet Boys are gangster/TopLADS/Heroes and so on and so forth. That is all.


  3. Backstreet’s Back….and apparently you are too! Glad you had a better day. But that heart on the sleeve thing can really stain a shirt.


  4. One day you’ll realize you are just normal. A kick ass writer, individual, quirky, but still normal. Plus…is it wrong that I can’t separate BSB and NKTOB right now? They are a gloop of screaming girls (and boys it would seem) and hormones from a distant past. Although I hear one of them is touring again. Which….I couldn’t say!


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