Bad Day Blues

I reserve the right to listen to this 2005, Daniel Powter classic, drink copious amounts of white wine and stand in the shower crying whilst trying to wash away the shame of my terrible day. It was either that or spending the night hate-watching ‘The Real Housewives’ and reminding myself of every poor decision I’ve ever made which can’t be blamed on intoxication.


4 responses to “Bad Day Blues

  1. Helen, I am very sorry you had a terrible day; however, sitting here watching the Real Housewives, disgusted with myself and feeling ashamed for being a reality whore, I congratulate you not only for your self awareness, but for your discretion as well. I wish you a better day than the last with brighter ones on the horizon. You rock.


    • Unfortunately being so self aware can sometimes be detrimental to my mental health! I hope you enjoyed your reality television binge and watched with pride! Thank you as always, I always look forward to seeing your name pop up!


  2. I’m pretty confident I could sing the whole of that Daniel Powter song without any karaoke prompts. And hate-watching any day-time TV programme, particularly any version of The Real Housewives or my personal favourite of Jeremy Kyle, [and eating anything in the fridge/ in sight] is a personal favourite past time for when I’m feeling low. You are not alone.
    Harriette xx


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