Tweeting aint so sweet.

I spent the last 10 minutes perfectly constructing a tweet designed to help me reach a record number of favourites and re-tweets. The wording was sublime and the hashtag managed to achieve the perfect balance between serious and satirical. Fingers at the ready, I clicked the tweet button and sat on my sofa smugly sipping my prosecco, just waiting for the love to come rolling in.

Three minutes after posting I started to panic. I’d already refreshed the ‘interactions’ page twice and no-one had even bat an eyelid. My hashtag was perfectly searchable and I’d read the joke aloud four times to check it read correctly before publication! After much confusion the harsh reality of the situation set in: I’d spelt a word wrong. 

After such public embarrassment I had to do the inevitable and delete my tweet with my tail quite firmly between my legs. God knows when I’ll come up with something that funny again #denied.


8 responses to “Tweeting aint so sweet.

  1. I would retweet you.. we, twenty-somethings, have to support each other 🙂


  2. I’m sure you’ll come up with something else completely brilliant. I can’t vouch for your spelling.


  3. Oh no. Poor you. I’ve been there myself…


  4. Woah woah woah now. We HAVE to hear what the tweet was?! We will even allow you to correct your spelling first.


    • Haha – I was tempted to tell the masses but after having a long, hard think I’ve decided it wasn’t actually one of my best.

      Basically I was watching the Brit Awards and I seemed to think my super-snarky commentary on the acts and sub-par presenting was hilarious. In hindsight it probably wasn’t!


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