How not to impress people.

“So…hows your love life?”, “Tell me about your job!”, “What is it that you’re doing with yourself these days?” Anyone who has ever experienced troubles in their career or love-life will understand the pain of facing the Ann Robinson style questioning of a friend you haven’t seen in years. As someone who has trouble lying to the doctor about “only having a glass of wine with dinner,” trying to impress my University friends this weekend was a somewhat stressful experience.

Telling people that for the past 3 years I’ve stumbled from one failed relationship to the next and am still no further to becoming Indra Nooyi can be somewhat deflating. After all – my friends are in successful jobs where business lunches and briefcases are the norm whereas my greatest success is winning £5 on a scratch card. After a less than smooth deflection of the question back to them and a giant swig of my half-price bottle of merlot I had the realisation that life is a choice, and I’m choosing the path of the positively mediocre.

I choose to take my coffee black in the morning just as I choose my success. Evenings spent binge-watching ‘The Good Wife’ with a Chinese banquet for one are hardly conducive to a dating schedule as busy as Harry Styles.’ As Helen Keller once said:  “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”

That house in the Hamptons can’t be bought with monopoly money so it’s about time I follow in the footsteps of my peers and abandon the fear that so easily plagues our existence. Until then – “how’s your love life?”


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