What Hannibal Lecter taught me about dating…

I should probably start by making it clear that I am in no way a fan of cannibalism or any kind of violence. I do enjoy a Nandos mango and lime chicken butterfly from time to time and I’ve probably killed a spider or two before but that’s as far as it goes.

Despite this, I was watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’ earlier this evening and whilst Jodie Foster was flying the flag for feminism I couldn’t stop thinking: “this guy is one slick motherfucker.” If you take away his strange eating habits and give him Ryan Gosling’s chiselled jawline you’d have a winning combination.

It got me to thinking that perhaps I’m too easily charmed if even Hannibal Lecter can win me over with his charisma, intelligence and manipulative nature. Granted, I’d much rather be taken out on a date by Daniel Cleaver or Rick Blaine but at the core it’s the same: I fall too easily for men that can talk their way into my knickers. Quote Oscar Wilde, tell me your stance on the government cutting benefits and hand me a glass of wine whilst you do it and you’re halfway there. After all: what’s the use in dating someone attractive if they can’t tell you what happened in the last Harry Potter book?



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