Positive thinking for a pessimist.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to set in motion my plan to become a cross between Buffy Summers, Penelope Pitstop and Lorelai Gilmore. The first step towards achieving this is by being a more positive person who only sees the good in each day. No longer will I wake up on a Monday morning feeling groggy, downing pints of coffee and desperately piling make-up on my face in the hope that I’ll turn up to work looking somewhat human. Instead I shall drink green tea and say things such as “isn’t the rain delightful, nice weather for ducks.”

However, as a hardened cynic this might be a tough transition, after all: Rome wasn’t built in a day! I thought it might be worth declaring everything that annoys me now to avoid anything ruining my perfect day tomorrow.

So, here goes nothing: people who say ‘twenty-fourteen’ rather than 2014, wind on a good hair day, people that watch the film rather than read the book and flaunt their ‘knowledge’ at me, loud crisp eaters, a lack of manners, the use of ‘babe’ as a pet name, the use of pet names in general, people that spell my name with two ‘l’s’, unnecessarily poor spelling, having to constantly defend liking Taylor Swift, when you see a wasp outside of the designated summer months, it not being socially acceptable to wear tights during summer, being told to ‘be quiet’, ‘calm down’ or ‘smile’, people not adhering to official board game rules, my friends not appreciating how brilliant Joss Whedon is, Emma Watson’s perfect everything, PDA and my inability to take a good selfie.

Now that that’s done, who’d like some tea and freshly baked scones?


5 responses to “Positive thinking for a pessimist.

  1. Joss Whedon is a hero. If you’re gonna be Buffy, then I want to be Spike, or pretend I am… I’m probably an Oz. Or one of the high school guys that dies at the beginning of the episode to introduce the bad guy of the show. I dunno.

    Back to the post at hand, I like the optimism, even if it is done begrudgingly so.

    I also like my tea with two sugars, preferably stirred in anti-clockwise if that’s alright. Thanks, you’re a star!


    • It’s better to be Oz than Riley! Oz was great, he’s no Spike but then Spike killed shit loads of people so you win some, you lose some!

      Thanks! In return for your kind words I’ll send that tea in the post 🙂


      • Mutual agreement on the hatred of Angel?

        Tea in the post?! I see that you like living on the wild side.


      • Hatred is a strong word for my feelings towards Angel, how about distaste?

        Well I’ll post you the bag and you can make it yourself.


      • He angers me. And he should anger you, he did break your heart multiple times after all. By the way, sleeping with him in the first place is gross. He’s dead. That’s necrophilia. You should be ashamed. Bad slayer.

        ….You have a deal on the tea bag. I hope it’s an expensive tea bag.


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