Why you gotta play that song so loud? Because we want to, because we want to!

If people ever claim that feminism is dead then then they clearly haven’t met me. Is there anything that makes you feel more powerful than deleting someone’s number? The tiny erase button that solidifies your decision to move on and delete someone from your life. I feel like Cleopatra or Joan of Arc.

Holding onto messages and seeing their name on your call log, just dying to see how they are and re-reading the messages which are like a door to the past, a constant reminder of what could have been. This was probably the thought process of Queen Elizabeth before she decided to forget about all men for good and stay unbed and unwed. 

Of course I think telling someone you’ve deleted their number sort of defeats the point of deleting their number in the first place…One small step for man, one giant leap for my phone battery and amount of space I have on my memory card!


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