The karmic retribution of an average human being

I’ve never been a believer: cynic and proud, my strongest belief is in the power of a cup of coffee or glass of wine. God, luck, ghosts, destiny and Harry Potter are all things our mind holds onto in order to quell the pain of everyday life; a belief that something out of our control has the possibility to change things for the better when we’re at our lowest point. Life’s a bitch and it happens to everyone, no amount of hope or wishing will change a damn thing, only you can. I’d make a great motivational speaker, right?!

However, as of late Karma has begun to play a larger part in my life than I ever thought possible: perhaps to a worrying degree. It all started out simply enough: tipping at the bar, putting money in the charity box in the supermarket and refraining from tutting at the woman on the phone at far too high a volume on the bus. No real issues, I’m just trying to be a better person: no harm, no foul. More recently though my issues with worry and anxiety have started to creep into my karmic activities. 

Whereas before I’d attempt to do the washing up as soon as I got in from work, now if I don’t do it I get a terrible feeling that potential disaster will occur and I’ll lose all of my limbs in a fatal accident or wake up to find I’m the only human on earth. It’s the same with putting my clothes away, not taking my make-up off before bed or forgetting to turn the TV off at the wall. They’re all things I should be doing anyway but if I don’t do them at the exact time I feel I should my anxiety levels go off the charts and I think something terrible will happen to one or multiple people I love or tolerate. 

It’s not even fun karma, I don’t believe that doing a good deed will cause something good to happen to me in return. Rather I feel doing good deeds stops terrible things from happening like in ‘Final Destination.’ I’m either slowly going completely mad or I’m simply just as sane as everybody else. 


3 responses to “The karmic retribution of an average human being

  1. Completely sane. Just think about how the vast majority of us can’t step on the linings of the pavement, because. 🙂


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