Love, love, love.

You can’t help who you fall for.

That’s what people say, right? And by people I mean everyone in the world who strolls through life making excuses for the bad choices they make. I am one such individual. Far too often I excuse my inability to learn from my mistakes by insisting that I couldn’t help it, I fell for them. Surely it’s fine to consistently fall for men who will never be able to give me what I want because I couldn’t help but feel otherwise.

After years of picking myself up after each disappointment, after each heartbreak I’ve finally realised it’s total bullshit. Open your eyes and you’ll realise there’s a roadblock, make a U-turn: the only thing in this direction is a dead-end. The longer I carry on down this path the harder it becomes to turn back.

The last thing I want is to keep on driving and not get to my destination.You can help who you fall for you just need to open your eyes and realise this road isn’t leading anywhere: torment, regret and heartache aren’t the combination dreams are made of.


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