Tom Hard-On

Stop the press: I have a very important announcement to make. After searching on the internet for the past half hour for pictures of Tom Hardy I have come to the conclusion that he looks far less attractive without a beard. Like an interesting, not-so-smug version of Channing Tatum who you don’t want to slap with a wet fish.

With his beard he is the modern day Samson, who could make any woman weak at the knees with a turn of the head. Without it he’s just another beefcake celebrity, who looks incredible in a suit. It’s the difference between Cava and Moet: you’d still drink it but it wouldn’t be the first thing you’d order off the menu.

This is Emma Watson all over again; I’d appreciate it if you all give me my privacy during this difficult time. 


One response to “Tom Hard-On

  1. He is dead sexy with a beard. I love him bald. God is Tom Hardy hot.


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