Table for two madam?

There are many things that are seen as taboo by society: drinking vodka before 8pm, taking a shit in a public restroom and eating crisps on public transport are just a few of them. Today, I decided to take a leaf from Julius Caesar’s book and conquer one of the biggest: eating in a restaurant alone.

One of my life motto’s is ‘go hard or go home’ so I didn’t come prepared with reading material or a phone to quell the uneasy feeling that other people might feel at my lonely lunch. I confidently strode into the overpriced eatery and took my seat, unwilling to let the glares of others around bother me. Yes I’m eating alone, not only do I not have a significant other to come with me but I also have no family or friends willing to spend any time in my company either. And you know what: that’s just great. I can eat exactly what I want, without any interference or judgement from anyone around me about how much or little I might have ordered and don’t even have to make small talk about the sub-par service or dirty cutlery.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt today it’s this: I might be alone but I’m certainly not lonely: there’s plenty of waiters ready to take my order. Large glass of wine? Why ever not!


7 responses to “Table for two madam?

  1. Very bold. I still haven’t gotten up the courage to go to a restaurant alone. Going to the movies alone is another one I haven’t been able to conquer. Nice job…


  2. Good for you! I love going alone and people watching.


  3. I do it often. The easy solution to feeling self-conscious — at least in American restaurants — is to eat your meal sitting at the bar. I often get into fun conversations that way, too.


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