Weekend wanker

I am a successful human woman. I can prove it: I now work 9-5, Monday to Friday. I am officially a weekend wanker, no more 14 hour shifts or getting paid by the hour, I get a fucking salary. No more looks of pity whilst I explain to people what I do for a living, congrats, I’ve taken the first step into becoming miserable for the rest of my life. But hey, I don’t work weekends! If anyone wonders how I did it it’s a combination of having a flatmate that forces you to apply for 30 jobs a day otherwise she won’t come drinking with you, sheer luck and my main motto in life: take what you can get. 


One response to “Weekend wanker

  1. wanker. It’ll probably be awful though. Just wish I could get off the sofa. Well done, congrats


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