Tales of woe from a serial first dater part 1

What are your 5 favourite movies? Whenever I go on dates (all the time because I’m a) unwilling to settle for less than a 6/10 and b) no-one wants more than a first date) I always ask this question as one of those first date deal-breakers. I.E if they say Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or any of the Star Wars prequels I’ll drop them like it’s hot just like Snoop Dogg. In other words it’s a summation of your personality and how you want the other person to see you: I try to go for cool and sassy with an edge of mystique. Here goes nothing:

  1. Pulp Fiction. Just standard really, I have a huge boner for Tarantino and although it’s a cliched top 5 film choice there’s no way you could ever be judged for putting it in there. 
  2. Dirty Dancing. Chick flick alert. Okay I have seen this about 100 times and know all of the dialogue, as an unsure and insecure teenager ‘Baby’ was my idol and Patrick the man dreams are made out of.  On a side note I actually enjoy his rendition of ‘She’s Like The Wind’ which is why I never bring up music on a first date: I have terrible taste.
  3. The Lion King. No-one can hate The Lion King, even those without a soul love The Lion King. No further explanation needed. 
  4. Garden State. Time to slip an indie film in there because I have an edge and guess what the soundtrack is awesome. Although I’m guessing the typical indie film fanatic would never use the word awesome. 
  5. 12 Angry Men. It’s black and white, set in one room and has a message. I’m an intellectual, can’t you tell?

Don’t get me wrong, I actually thoroughly enjoy watching all of these films, but would all of them make my top 5? Probably not. I secretly really enjoy Scream, Clueless, Bring It On: All or Nothing, Save the Last Dance, Saw, Jumanji and Harriet the Spy. But hey, uncool is the new cool these days, right?!


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