Monday musings: Royal baby watch

Has anyone heard about the Royal baby? In case you haven’t heard Kate Middleton’s up the duff and is currently in the middle of popping the heir to the throne out of her vagina: the country waits in anticipation. I have absolutely nothing against children, and I’m sure this one will be a regular bundle of joy: I can’t wait to see what designers the sprog will be wearing and if it can compete in the style stakes with Suri. I’m happy for them and hope the child is delivered safe but that’s probably as far as my interest goes. Yet all I see when I click on any news related website, celebrity gossip or otherwise is ‘breaking news updates’ about Kate in labour. Calling it ‘breaking news’ is somewhat of a stretch: leave the poor woman alone and give me news stories which actually qualify as ‘news.’ I’m expecting posts about award winning cheeses and animals dressed as humans to pop up on my Yahoo homepage any day now.


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