A bitter pill to swallow/ruining your life in 3 easy steps

“I’m just going to quickly check my Facebook before bed”, the famous last words of a woman with a death wish. Before you know it it’s 3am, the alarm on your phone is ever so helpfully reminding you that you have to be up in 4 hours and you’ve ruined any remaining shreds of your social life.

Browsing the net before bed, you accidentally end up on your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Facebook page, and in your delirium from lack of sleep add her as a friend and ‘like’ her post about a weekend away with her ‘boo.’ To top it all off you’ve stumbled across a picture of a spider and now it’s all you can see, the image of a spider burned into your brain that’s going to hunt and kill you in your sleep. Shit, wait one second, what’s that grazing your leg beneath the covers? It’s been a while since your last rendez-vous with a male so you can rule that one out. Not even YouTube videos of dancing cats and talking dogs is going to make this situation any better.

It’s okay though, you can find anything on the internet, just Google ‘how to get to sleep when you have to be up in 4 hours’ or ‘songs to help you sleep’ and you’ll be laughing. 


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