First world problem of the day

I really hate that even though I’m wearing a shit tonne of eyeliner and a black bra that says “please have sex with me” I can’t make myself look anything other than ‘innocent girl next door’ or ‘urban outfitters reject.’ Perhaps I’ll embrace this image and think like Taylor Swift: you might think it’s apple pie but underneath I’m hiding a melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Wink face.


5 responses to “First world problem of the day

  1. LOL. Somehow people think I’m the innocent girl-next-door too. For God’s sake, I’m wearing skull earrings and boots! What else do they want, tattoos and body piercings? Haha.


  2. Tell me about it. I have blonde curly hair and blue eyes, people always think I’m really, really nice and never get my sarcasm IRL. *sigh*


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