Bah Humbug/Tales of woe on a Tuesday

Summer is here! In case the hundreds of Facebook and Twitter updates of people who are “OMG so excited that it’s sunny!” haven’t clued you in, summer has hit the UK. Bah Humbug, that’s what I say, inconvenient outfit choices which either involve getting my deathly pale legs out or flashing the flesh and feeling like the lone fat girl amongst a sea of hipster barbie dolls. I want to wear tights, I want to wear black, I want to put my make up on without it sliding down my face half an hour later, I want to step out of my house without immediately sweating or getting attacked by a swarm of wasps. The only good thing about summer is iced coffee, pimms and the fact that it’s only a few short months until winter. Barbecues can fuck off, and so can all of the arseholes that think life is ten times better just because it’s sunny. Life’s a solid 5/10, it might be sunny but before you know it you’ll get shit on by a bird and come crashing down to earth again.


4 responses to “Bah Humbug/Tales of woe on a Tuesday

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I live in India, and summers are literally a living scorching hell. Can’t wait for winter….


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