I’m the cat that got the cream but the milk’s gone sour

I am a terribly weak-willed person, if someone were to hand me a whole bottle of wine or jar of peanut butter right now I would without a doubt have all of it. Therefore it’s absolutely no surprise that I was sucked into the Urban Outfitters sale today. In my defence they didn’t take no for an answer: first off there was the persistent, cutesy emails with dancing cats informing me of the sale, which had my mouth watering in anticipation. Secondly I walked past the shop and it said ‘sale’ in the window so I didn’t really have a choice.

I love Urban Outfitters, as a person who has little to no sense of style or what’s going on in the fashion world it’s pretty much a guarantee that if you get the right size it’s going to look ‘cool’, exactly what I want. Of course I was a sucker for all of their quirky homeware and flowery dresses and whoops spent £50 in under 15 minutes. It says it’s on sale though, don’t worry if it’s still £40 for a dress you could find for £20 elsewhere, if it’s on sale it’s practically free. Thanks Urban Outfitters, your deliciously overpriced clothing has won me over once again.


2 responses to “I’m the cat that got the cream but the milk’s gone sour

  1. I can relate. If I use a 20 dollar bill to pay for something that costs 50 cents I can be sure that the other 19.50 will disappear just as quickly.


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