Bloglems (AKA problems of a blogger)

I started blogging over six months ago now as a way to deal with heartbreak and loneliness. An outlet for all my feelings and the best thing about it was the people reading it were strangers. That’s the beauty of the internet, you can say anything without being judged, because there’s always going to be someone out there somewhere who feels the same way. However, as time has passed I’ve really started to enjoy writing, and have started to take pride in what I post, so much so that I’m telling people I know to check out my blog. With this though comes a few problems…

In the past I wouldn’t have thought twice about writing about my life, the many personal and romantic tragedies that happen to me on a daily basis. Now though, with more people I know reading what I’m writing, I’m far more hesitant to display all of my thoughts and feelings so openly. In person I can be quite distant in that manner, preferring to crack a joke than tell people how I’m actually feeling and as more people I know read my blog I’m doing the same with my writing. Given that one of my beliefs is to write honestly or not at all I’m in a pickle, how do I protect the honesty of my writing whilst also being proud of what I’m doing and wanting to tell people about it?

It’s such a personal thing, what started as a way to try and ease the pain of unrequited love has become something I really enjoy and want to pursue further, but I’m unsure how to go forward from here. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated, lesson to be learnt: trust no-one apart from everyone on the internet.


One response to “Bloglems (AKA problems of a blogger)

  1. It’s a great question and one that every blogger grapples with. A general rule, however cliche, is to not ever post anything you’d be mortified to have an employer read — i.e. that could be professionally damaging. I’d be very careful about super-personal details. I think you’ll get a feel for it as you go. But you are right; you’ll find more in common with internet strangers sometime than even with people you are close to.


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