What goes up…

I love feeling smug: It’s one of my most cherished past-times along with opening my presents on Christmas Day and getting my eye liner to match on both sides, purely because of the rarity of the occasion. It’s also one of my favourite four letter words which I hardly ever have the opportunity to use. As a person who glorifies small achievements such as purchasing deodorant before I run out and eating porridge rather than peanut butter on toast for breakfast, the self-satisfaction I felt earlier this evening was almost certainly unfounded. Nevertheless, today I was basically Paris Hilton. Getting home from work and making myself a decaf coffee and doing the housework before I settled down to watch ‘Made in Chelsea’ might not sound much to you but left me feeling that I was finally starting to make mature, sensible decisions in life.
That is until I started to browse the internet and stumbled across the girl eating her own used tampon video. Of course, I watched it. Curiosity killed the cat once again, I probably have 3 lives left after various life choices made because of curiosity: ignorance is bliss. Note to self: do not click on a video with the word ‘tampon’ in the title, no amount of decaf coffee or hoovering will rectify that decision. 


2 responses to “What goes up…

  1. WTF? I started out being curious how you got a pot that makes you porridge then you bedazzled me with a tampon distraction. I searched it, watched it, then watched reaction videos to it! Thanks for helping me kill one of my lives as well. Loved it!


    • It’s my pleasure! One of those situations though where you wonder what’s worse: the fact that someone made a video of themselves eating a used tampon or that you’re watching it! Haha.


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