We are family

It’s Father’s Day, who would have guessed it? Of course any event/day/special occasion that requires a large amount of family time automatically increases the chances of an argument with one of your family members by at least 40%. The tricky thing is I’m never the person involved in the initial argument that starts the downwards spiral of the success rate of the family occasion but I always somehow end up in the aftershock. Tip for anyone planning to be a benevolent person and sort out the issues the ones you love have with one another: don’t. Instead mind your own business, carry on drinking the alcoholic beverage you have in your hand and watch the madness unfold. If anything you’ll end up drunk which should increase the amount of fun you’re currently having by about 30%

This leads me to the events of this evening (although I’m not drunk so my mood is currently at about a 2/10, it was a rocky 1.5 but the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye have improved things slightly.) A family meal to celebrate Father’s Day: sounds like fun! Or an opportunity for my Mother and Father to get into a raging argument 10 minutes before we leave the house. Either way Mother dearest decided to take her anger out on me and I’m left feeling hungry and ready to fly off the handle. She’s just run a bath, perhaps I’ll let my sadistic side come out to play and drain all of the water just before she can hop in. Or I’ll complain about her via the internet and give her a dirty look later, both work for me.


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