Sugar, we’re going down swinging.

I think I’m sick, definitely coming down with something, I should at least check my temperature because I have a fever, a love fever. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s happened, usually I pride myself on my cynicism and ability to appear standoffish, after all, over-sentimentality is for the middle class, and ‘huggers’ are the enemy. However, as of late my cold, black exterior seems to have melted and been replaced with an emotional sap who uses the word ‘lovely’ and cries whilst watching ‘Made in Chelsea.’ I’m just so enamoured by the idea of love and happiness, even more so with the idea of other people being happy and in love. It’s honestly disgusting, gone is the girl who assumes anyone overly nice must have a hidden agenda, and in her place is someone who listens to Ed Sheeran and recently referred to a friend as ‘the epitome of sweet.’ It gets worse, I’ve been actively seeking out new romantic comedies to watch and have started to do things just to be a good person, rather than because of the ever-looming threat of karma. The next thing you know I’m going to be purchasing post-it notes in the shape of hearts, just to get my love fix. Answers for potential cure on a postcard please, honey and lemon just aren’t cutting it.




2 responses to “Sugar, we’re going down swinging.

  1. I think it’s like an infection or something, and I must have gotten it too. I’ve noticed I’ve ceased being sarcastic in my blog posts and it’s scary. If you find a cure, PLEASE SHARE BECAUSE I’M GOING DOWN


    • If we aren’t careful soon we’ll be those people who the first word you’d use to describe them would be ‘nice.’ No cure found yet but if there are any developments in this area I’ll let you know!


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