Smile like you mean it.

I take great pleasure in correcting people on their spelling mistakes, it’d probably go in the hobbies and interests section of my CV along with watching people watch TV and drinking coffee after 11pm to feel like I’m living life on the edge. Therefore, the following confession is a bitter pill to swallow: I have become addicted to using emoticons. At first I thought I was simply a casual emoticon user, the occasional smiley face to show my satisfaction, but no, no. Today I used three wink faces in one message, if I was in public someone might assume I was having a seizure. I can’t stop it either, if ever I don’t at least ‘smile’ at someone via text message I feel very uneasy. It’s official, I am a product of my generation. If ever I stop tweeting about my issues with the public transportation system and instead just put ‘sun’ and ‘heart’ emoticons to convey how I’m feeling, someone punch me okay?


4 responses to “Smile like you mean it.

  1. I am so guilty of this. Sometimes, when responding to a text, I’ll just send three faces in a row with no actual words to express how I’m feeling. Starting new conversations with people, I usually just send an emoticon. I need to be stopped 😦


  2. It’s even worse where I live- if you text without smiley faces, everyone instantly assumes you’re mad! And I kind of feel like I’m trying to guilt trip people if I don’t use emoticons. *sigh* It’s hard. Almost as hard as instinctively judging person by the shoes they wear (another awesome habit of mine)/


    • Well exactly, I can’t imagine ‘The Wizard of Oz’ would have quite the same impact if Dorothy was wearing trainers. 🙂 (Smiley face because I simply can’t resist!)


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