“So, where d’ya wanna go for this drink on Thursday then? You know the area better than me, you decide,”

“Gee, thanks a bunch, thing is I’ve sort of dated at least one barman from every pub in the area so it might be slightly awkward, how about we just grab some cider and head to the local park instead?”

Romance isn’t dead, eh? I am the queen of first dates, I’ve even got a rosette and trophy in my living room to show for it, no boyfriend, but hey, the trophy’s pretty big! It seems my lack of ability to settle down, or at least not choose the first dolt that serves me a white wine and soda to couple up with is finally biting me on the backside. Peggy Mitchell, eat your heart out.


2 responses to “A-dick-ted

  1. Ha, that reminds me of a buddy of mine who is rather like Ted from How I Met Your Mother in that he lives in New York and is hopelessly romantically obsessed with meeting his future wife. Anyhooo he is King of the First Date, he can get a date with just about anyone, the problem is the girls never want to have anything to do with him after the first date. It’s incredible. No idea what he does to scare them off!!


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