Under-qualified and overdressed

“So, you think you’d be good at this job? Because from what I can see you couldn’t be more wrong” Had a job interview today and that was pretty much the subtext of our conversation, it didn’t help that he was absolutely beautiful, I crumble under pressure like wensleydale cheese so it was bound to be a disaster from the outset. I had so many witty, interesting answers to all of the questions I presumed he would ask but in the moment all I could think to say was “I’M SO HARDWORKING.” Maybe I should become a permanent ‘hard’ worker and be done with it…


4 responses to “Under-qualified and overdressed

  1. Wensleydale is a very crumbly type of cheese isn’t it..? One must assume that as a year has almost passed since this post, you have now found suitable employment? If so, congratulations.


  2. Interviews are nasty business. I hated them all. The last job I got was with a Big Newspaper — and the guy interviewing me began (yes) with: “Any questions?” Nice. That gave me a a very good taste of his management style.


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