It’s better to have loved and lost…

I’m listening to The Calling- Wherever You Will Go, whenever this happens you can pretty much guarantee that I’ve hit a new low. A couple of hours ago I was still basking in glory, over the moon that I’d had some naked fun with a male so beautiful he looks like he’s on TV, now I’m in floods of tears and drinking wine like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve been on a seduction rampage lately, determined to get over ‘him’, in the words of Charlotte from Geordie Shore, I was “free, single and ready for my clit to tingle.” You know what they say; the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, right? Or so I thought at least. Long day at work, I crack the wine open, log onto Facebook to see if Joe Bloggs has reached level 57 of Candy Crush yet and I see a picture of a couple cuddling. I barely even know this person, but in that moment I realise how alone I am and I burst into tears. I’ve been acting like I’m okay, happy being single and playing the field when in fact I don’t even want to be playing the game. I don’t want to be alone, it might be fun seducing different males every night but they won’t be there when you’ve had a terrible day at work or have an argument with your best friend. All I want is to be loved; it might be clichéd but that’s all I want. I’m with Carrie Bradshaw on this one: “I’m looking for love. Real love. Inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other kind of love.”


2 responses to “It’s better to have loved and lost…

  1. If there’s an application form, I’m willing to fill it out. Just sayin’. Don’t worry pal, you’ll find someone! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone either, you still got your friends and all your blogging buddies 🙂 (a.k.a mainly hinting at myself)


  2. Well, hmm, but, hmmm… Have i just read that right?
    Firstly, congrats on the bang! Hope it was a memorable one! (See what i did there?)….. buuuuuut i hope this doesn’t contradict previous posts about a boy you were going to leave alone?!?
    Secondly, and debatably more importantly (I’m still undecided if the knocking knee’s takes precedence here), you know you’ve people there for you, you turnip! If you need to whinge, just do it.
    (In an attempt to pretend this is a totally ambiguous poster)… I bet there some great friends out there you can ask to hang with at any point. Who knows, there may be someone out there who is just waiting for you to ask them do anything…. ANYTHING!!! (pssscth!..Who knows?… I bloody know!)

    Much Love.

    P.s. I wish there was an application form, I’d probably wet myself in laughter at some of the questions you’d ask.


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