Passive-aggressive, be, be aggressive

Constructing the perfect tweet is a tricky, tricky business. I have spent copious amounts of time perfecting 140 character passages that will make my followers sides split. That being said, generally I’m accepting of most tweets, tell me how you’re late for work, go for it I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the public transportation system and how it’s falling to pieces. Tell me about how you just ate the most delicious sausage roll; in fact let me know where you got it so I can have one myself. However, there’s one thing that really grinds my gears: the passive-aggressive, vague, bitchy tweets. This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular before I become accused of passively-aggressively complaining about people being passive-aggressive.

Honestly though, telling the world how much you “hate negative people” or are “so angry at people causing drama” or even a sad or angry face emoticon is really not what I signed up for. Even if I was remotely interested in how much anger you have because “people are so immature,” not giving out any names isn’t entertaining at all. If you’re going to put these things on the internet at least give us some more information, I love Jeremy Kyle just as much as the next person! It’s like passing me a bottle of wine and finding out I can’t drink it ‘cause I don’t have a bottle opener. Of course, it’s also pointless, only paints you in a bad light and makes you seem petty and immature yourself, the exact thing you were previously complaining about. We’re hungry for information though, it’s the reason why celebrity gossip websites and magazines are so popular, we want to know about Justin Bieber attacking the paparazzi and Taylor Swift dissing Harry Styles, it might be pretty vulgar but it’s true. Lesson to be learnt: if you’re going to be a dick at least be interesting while you’re at it.


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