Baby, you’re a wild one! Part deux!

I’m terrible at appealing to the opposite sex. That’s a fact, no discussion needed, I’m atrocious at flirting and feel incredibly awkward whenever I attempt to seduce a man. Patting a male on the back and telling him I’d see him later after a cheeky kissing session and passing wind on a date and then standing up and admitting this to the entire cinema are just a couple of examples of this. However, I’ve recently had to re-evaluate everything I believed to be true as I have successfully managed to ‘pull’ three men this week and I have a date lined up as well. Perhaps I’ve been wrong all this time and I am in fact the female version of Harry Styles, either that or the men I’ve picked up are just incredibly desperate, but I’m still basking in my victory so lets forget that possibility.  I’ve been questioning my motives for this seduction rampage and have settled on a mixture of: boredom, validating the fact that I am an attractive female and am not going to die alone and too much tequila. A perfect combination if you ask me. Next stop, Ryan Gosling.


4 responses to “Baby, you’re a wild one! Part deux!

  1. Nice to hear your confidence is growing dude. And you are attractive! Keep the momentum going 😉


  2. You patted someone on the back?! I somehow laughed and cringed at the same time.

    Funny stuff none the less. Oh, and well done with the pulling.


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