Girl Crushin’

It’s important to have goals in life, some people want to make a difference to the world by becoming a doctor or lawyer, I have similar ambitions, my newest one being: force Emma Stone to be best friends with me. It’s crucial that you aim high after all.

Honestly, she’s just so quirky, wears the best clothes, is a colour chameleon with her hair, something I really admire, and she’s friends with Ryan Gosling. There is nothing I dislike about her, my girl crush barometer is exploding right now, I’m not sure whether I want her or want to be her but I do know that I love her. In a non-creepy way, obviously.

If that wasn’t enough to cement my love and determination to be friends with her, she’s BFF’s with Taylor Swift, my other big lady love. I’m picturing the three of us hanging out now, drinking red wine, bitching about Harry Styles and either becoming the new Destiny’s Child or Charlie’s Angels.

So, Emma, if you’re reading this, I’m basically sending you a Facebook friend request, I sincerely hope you’ll accept, my status updates are simply a delight. 


2 responses to “Girl Crushin’

  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I truly enjoy reading your posts!! Click on the link below for details:


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