Friday Faves

I decided to write a post about all of the things I’ve been loving lately, because material possessions make me feel great about my otherwise questionable life. Plus people get off on these things, right?! I for one love hearing about people spending all of their money as it makes me feel infinitely better about my own spending habits. It’s a slightly odd guilty pleasure of mine, just like watching people watch films or Geordie Shore.

  1. SLUTTY CLOTHING. Caps locks for emphasis and simply because I can. Normally I hate showing off my body, I hide any curves I may have underneath a plethora of black, shapeless dresses, but my diet and fitness regime has meant I’ve become a huge tramp. See-through, cut-out dresses and glitter crop tops are all the rage for me right now even though it’s about 2 degrees. Forever impractical, it’ll be 20 degrees, middle of august and I’ll insist on wearing thick black tights and long johns. I feel so liberated, to quote Girls: “It’s a Wednesday night baby and I’m alive!” The next thing you know I’ll be pursuing a career in stripping or something.
  2. TELEVISON. Just in general, there’s so much good TV on at the moment I often question why I leave the house at all, I’d much rather watch other people live their lives than have one of my own. The Carrie Diaries, The Following, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and my guilty pleasures Supersize Vs Super Skinny and Geordie Shore have been warming the cockles of my heart lately. 
  3. GIRL TALK. No, no, not chatting to my female friends over a glass of wine and talking about men, that goes without saying, I’m talking about Gregg Gillis otherwise known as Girl Talk. It’s as if he’s poured chocolate sauce all over vanilla ice-cream, who knew I could listen to Rihanna and be absolutely loving it? If anyone hasn’t checked Girl Talk out, I highly recommend you YouTube it! 
  4. EATING OUT. AKA my favourite thing in the entire world. I’m living life as if I’m a member of the Hills, wining and dining every night. Give me Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and a waiter winking at me and I’m yours. There’s just something about not having to cook for myself that I adore.

Bonus loves include: brown eyeliner, stalking pictures of Cara Delevigne, the LOTR trilogy and Aragorn in general, dancing in my underwear and gin and tonic. 


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