Living my life using the lessons I’ve learnt watching TV. All I need now is my own voiceover.

I love television. That’s right, I admit it. And I Don’t just mean I love watching Eastenders on a Monday night or a cheeky night in with a bottle of wine and The X Factor on a Saturday. No, no, I am a television addict, oh the shame. I have spent hours watching episode after episode of some of my favourite shows, until 3am hits and I realise I have to be up for work in 4 hours. A wide spectrum of emotions have been felt towards these characters as if they were friends of mine, I bawled by eyes out when Marissa died on The OC and squealed like a teenage girl when Damon and Elena finally did the deed in The Vampire Diaries. Many hours have been spent trawling the internet for spoilers, just to get my fix. Therefore, I’ve decided to re-do my New Year’s Resolutions (It’s still early January so I reckon that’s alright) based on the best attributes of my favourite television characters.

1. Buffy Summers- Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This was definitely an easy choice; she embodies everything I wish I could be. Cool as fuck, no-one dares mess with her, kicks ass on a regular basis all whilst having amazing hair and wearing heels and a mini dress. Plus all of the finest men of Sunnydale, alive or dead are after her, she’s a catch alright. This year I’m going to unleash my inner Buffy and not let people walk all over me, I’m in the drivers seat of my own life and if you don’t like the way I’m driving get out of my car. Sassy. Buffy would never let people make her feel small, patronise her, or force her into doing anything, she’d just stake the fucker! NB- I am not promoting violence of any kind here, I kicked my friend once when I was thirteen and still feel guilty about it now.

2. Rory Gilmore- Gilmore Girls.

Rory Gilmore is one of those television characters who I loved early on in the series, which made her transformation into a brat with a huge sense of entitlement kill me all the more. This however, is a discussion for another day. I could rant all day long about the new and not-so-improved Rory Gilmore. What I do admire however, is her smarts. Not only is there a thing on the internet called the ‘Rory Gilmore reading list’ but the amount of pop culture references she has at her disposal is a thing to behold. I need to read more this year: knowledge is power after all. In an attempt to be realistic, I’m going to shoot for a book every 2 weeks to start off with and hopefully I’ll be a literary goddess in no time!

3. Emily Thorne- Revenge.

Similarly to the Buffster, Miss Thorne takes no prisoners. Whilst there’s no-one whose ruined my life thus far apart from topshop and their deliciously over-priced clothing forcing me to spend half my wages each month, nobody could fault her determination to get what she wants. I definitely need to chase what I want more, be it with my career or love life, go for it, and don’t look back. In the past I’ve been fairly uncertain of my decisions but now is the time to take a leap of faith and jump right in. I realise I’ve just used enough clichés to last a lifetime there but it’s true. Also she has a fabulous wardrobe, I’m going to attempt to make bolder fashion choices and forget my belief that black is always the new black.

Honourable mentions go to Barney Stinson and his ability to seduce members of the opposite sex and Damon Salvatore and his ‘I couldn’t give a fuck attitude.’

So there we have it, lets see how this one goes. If all else fails maybe I’ll stop watching television and actually get a life of my own. Bazinga.


2 responses to “Living my life using the lessons I’ve learnt watching TV. All I need now is my own voiceover.

  1. Love this post (and the fact that Mr Stimson got a mention – idol). Have you watched any Californication? I’ve gone through 4 seasons in a month. I often feel a little too similar to the main character Hank Moody in that. Any not just because of the alcohol


  2. Thanks! Argh Californication is one of those shows I’ve heard raved a lot but never gotten round to starting! Worth a watch then? I fear I watch so much TV already that starting a new show could be detrimental!


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