Oh hello Bridget.

Just a small update on the ‘putting myself out there’ thing I’ve been trying to do: first day of 2013 and I got rejected. Start as I mean to go on eh!? Basically I invited him out for a drink and he said no. The usual story: sorry I didn’t mean to lead you on, I really want to be friends. Guess what I have trouble keeping up with all the friends I have at the moment and you don’t quite cut the mustard. Lets just be aquaintances who only ever speak when we bump into one another, and have that really awkward “Hi, you okay?”, “I’m great thanks, how about you?”, “Yeah, good” *stare at each other until one person deicides to cut their losses and walk away* conversation that is always a bundle of fun. I’m so embarrassed I think I may have to stay in for the rest of 2013 and never speak to a male again. Either that or I’ll give Marty McFly a ring and see if I can borrow his DeLorean.


3 responses to “Oh hello Bridget.

  1. I know the feeling :/ Get back in the game dude, don’t give up now!


    • I know you’re right, the thing is I don’t even know how to play the game. I struggle with scrabble and risk at the best of times! I feel as if I’ve gotten to a point where so many relationships or potential relationships haven’t worked out that I’m left feeling insecure and as if there’s no point in trying. I know that sounds negative, I don’t mean to be! Sometimes it’s just hard to hop back on the horse after falling off so many times, you know?


      • Oh most definitely. It’s horrifically awkward for me too. But people who do reject you usually forget about you asking them out in the first place after a while, so you shouldn’t be deterred from that at all!

        If relationships aren’t working out, you just have a bit of fun in the meantime. Might as well make the most out of the single life an all.

        But if you really want a relationship, maybe try a dating site? I mean, you might potentially be all embarrassed and “wtf” at that suggestion, but they are to be used…

        ..Damn I really should follow my own advice.


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